May 18, 2023

Gone are the days of mowing the private lawn with ear-splitting noise and heavy maintenance, not only with the yard but also with the machine. Today the yard care routine is automated with robotic lawnmowers that are advanced over time.

Should you have a robot for your lawn? The article is going to help you with the decision.



The global lawnmowers market size was estimated at USD 33.66 billion in 20222 and is expected to reach USD 55.81 billion by 2030. The robotic lawn mowers product segment is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 15.5% between 2022 to 2030. Since about 60% of the end-users basis has been dominated by the residential segment, the robotic mower is also expected to have a larger market share in the coming years because it happens to gain popularity due to its user- and eco-friendly features.

  • Installation Guide: How does a robotic mower work?

A mowing robot is battery-powered and will return to recharge at the station and back to the spot automatically.

The mowing robot pilots itself with its navigation system and the assistance of perimeter lines or guide wires. It is only your work to position the charging station and place the guide wires that help to define the mowing area. And the robot will hustle around independently and quietly in a predetermined zone.


  • Charging Station Placement

A charging station for a private mowing robot is space-saving and needs a place on a level surface close to an electric socket. The position is supposed to be somewhere within the lawn and protected from water spray and direct sunlight.

There are two conditions that the mowing robot will return to the station.

  • Running out of battery.
  • Bad weather like rain.


  • Mapping With Guide Wires

You can place the guide wires by yourself along the boundary lines of your lawn or ask a professional for help. You can lay the wire around a particular obstacle so the mower will omit this area. Secure the wire in 2 ways, either using pegs or burying it in the ground.

Robotic mowers with boundary wires are preferred now because of the more reliable boundary recognition and precise real-time position. When the station and guide wires are ready, you can start the robot by pressing the button or a smartphone App. The robot will map your lawn with the help of a guide wire when first installed and start a mowing routine.


  • Accessto App Control

According to settings via the App, the robot will work more smartly, deciding when to mow the lawn, how frequently it needs to do, and where the grass needs cutting without manual operation.

You are a user rather than a learner. A supporting App is always in a standard product package to make a one-click perfect lawn come true. As simple as other Apps on your smartphone, users can explore more specific functions such as making division, spiral cutting, and cutting the edge of the lawn.



 What is the meaning of robotic mowers? On the one hand, it increases the efficiency of lawn maintenance and improves the garden experience. On the other hand, using mowing robots suggests much more frequent lawn cutting, which is healthier for grass growing.

 The trend of having a robotic lawnmower at home is overwhelming this year. Many believe that robotic machines displace humans in mowing works just like what they do in other housework. But a closer look shows a distance away from keeping a lawn in shape with ease.

 (See the 5 PROS & CONS RANKINGS briefly)

Regarding the CONS’ Rankings, the downsides are also the issues the robotic mowers are bound to solve.

Up to now, the robotic mowers may not be of a wide variety enough in terms of their configuration and versatility to fit all the yards. Most of the robotic mowers in the market are with guide wires, while robots with virtual boundaries are waiting for the customer’s review.

Some technologies involved with navigation and sensors have been in progress to deal with gardens full of obstacles and slopes since the robots have more potential to develop high climbing abilities than riding mowers. Some focus on the anti-theft functions.

Though robotic mowers still have something unexplored, it is believed superior to all alternatives now and will lead in the following years.

The advantages of mowing robots in the PROS rankings are also the top issues of people considering robots.


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