May 18, 2023

Mention robotic mowers and the term may bring to mind efficiency and automation. These are the 5 top reasons for people pick up robotic mowers. You are welcome to make your rankings about them.

Ranking #1 Time Saving

In the past, the mowing robot featured timesaving since no human being needed to be present for this, thanks to its automatic mowing and smartphone accessibility.

Nowadays, the mowing robot has achieved more timesaving performance by efficient path piloting and intelligent regulating of battery hours.


The new robotic mower, Mr.Silence, developed by Aquark, first adopts unique TURBOSILENCE technology, breaking the limits of old-type robots with up to 500㎡ mowing per charge.

  • No wasting cutting and full coverage

When cutting randomly, the robots would mow simply by chance and have some areas cutting repeatedly, hardly leaving no tracks, because it is impossible to let it know where has already been mown and where has not.

Mr.Silence applies the most efficient AI-Pilot S-path and is programmed to mow from 3 different directions in one cycle.

The S-path allows the robots to mow straightly forward and turn 180° around until it reaches the boundaries reducing blind spots to a minimum for unregular gardens. When the mowing is interrupted by rain or running out of power, it will start again at the position where it stopped to finish the rest of the work.

For more complicated gardens, the multi-zone function is available, and your lawn will be divided into several areas virtually where the robot runs S-path in each, leading to a very even and clean cut.


  • Longermowing range and shorter charging time

Another way that TURBOSILENCE tech deals with efficiency is to minimize the non-operating time. The more powerful efficiency of battery performance, the longer a robotic mower will be in operation and the fewer charging intervals.

For Mr. Silence, the 500㎡-mowing range is driven by its powerful 5 hours of endurance. It continues mowing for up to 5 hours before docking at the charging station for 2 hours, costing 12 hours (5+2+5) to finish a 1000㎡ lawn. In other words, it reaches 10 mowing hours after 12 hours.

In contrast, robots with only 1hr (60 mins) endurance and 1hr charging time will have reached the mowing time of 10 hours after (10*1 +9*1) 19 hours. Mr. Silence saves up to 7 hours for a lawn of 1000㎡.

Ranking #2 Almost Silence Operation

Quieter operation is another key for users to go robot. Robotic mowers operate between 60~75 dB(A) on average, which is much better for nerves and neighbours, while traditional lawnmowers can be as loud as 80 decibels or even up to 100.

TURBOSILENCE tech has defined the quietest mowers for your lawn. Applying a noise-cancellation structure and typical silent engines, Mr.Silence creates an almost silent operation.

The operating noise of Mr.Silence is down to 54dB(A) at one meter, up to 5x more silent than other robotic mowers and nearly 40x quieter than the traditional ones. In some regions, people can get Mr.Silence to work at night and wake up with a freshly mowed lawn in the morning.

Ranking #3 Healthier Lawn

Without a collecting bag, the robotic mower is developed to mow the lawn much more frequently and regularly than the age of gas.


  • How often should I mowthe lawn?

A robotic mower is advised to mow the lawn every day or every two days.

For example, when you have a 1000㎡ lawn and decide to have all areas cut every two days, you can have a Mr.Silence with 5hr endurance working 12hr continuously every two days or just 5hr for 500㎡ every day. Lawns with obstacles or an uphill usually cost more mowing time.

But the frequency in practice still depends on the locations and the seasons of the year. The lawn should be mowed more often in spring and wet summer than in autumn and winter when the grass grows more slowly.

  • The more frequent mowing, the healthier lawn

Mowing frequently will create a luscious carpet-like lawn because every cut encourages the grass to grow thicker.


The robot cuts the very tip of the grass every time so that the fine lawn clippings will not impair ventilation or start to rot. And they can be mulched back into the lawn just like the fallen leaves adds valuable organic matter to the soil in autumn. It only works well if this lawn mulch remains very short, which happens to be provided by robotic mowing.

In total, mulching continuously provides the lawn with new nutrients, and the cutting routine makes the turf more resilient, resulting in lushness that can prevent weeds from spreading in the long run.

Besides, Mr.Silence brings healthier lawn care through cleaner cutting patterns and full coverage with the AI-Pilot S path.


Ranking #4 Lower Maintenance Costs

Robotic mowers offer cost-efficiency in the long run.

Firstly, more energy-saving and greener. Robotic mowers are of low wattage as battery-powered devices. In the case of Mr.Silence, it can adjust the mowing power to provide 3 modes for different scenarios.

To contribute to a greener planet, Mr.Silence will offer an option package with a solar power station, where the robots can be recharged with renewable energy to approach zero emissions.

Secondly, you are allowed to resign from the mowing routine. Robotic mowers do not only release time but also the budget to ask for a local gardening service.

Thirdly, the maintenance of robotic mowers can be much easier than complicated gas machines. There is no longer a string of work needed to keep machines performing well but keeping the blades sharp. Cheaper options for blade replacement are also available.

Last, it will reduce the cost of fertilizers. The lawn clippings can add nutrients for grass growing.


Ranking #5 Friendly to Children and Pets

An essential reason why robotic mowers are so popular with modern families is to create a safe yard for pets and children to play on.

A robotic mower works with no exposed blades, no harmful emissions for your family and creates no risk of disease introduced by commercial lawn mower services of the same company.

The blades of a robotic mower are hidden under the device and are hard to access. It will shut off automatically once it happens to be tipped over due to external force, relying on various sensors. And your pet will be safe from rotating blades.

Sensors and guide wires also help with detecting the surroundings. The ultrasonic sensor enables robots to avoid obstacles, including outdoor furniture and passers-by. The perimeter wire acts like an invisible fence to keep robots from breaking into a neighbour’s yard.

Born in the age of carbon-neutral, the robotic mower’s popularity with private yards represents a high-flying industry that pushes sustainable residential outdoor living forward. With the industry’s best endurance and 5x silent operation, Mr.Silence with TURBOSILENCE tech offers the best fit in 2023.

Aquark is an innovative manufacturing company providing iOutdoor solutions ranging from pool devices and robots to energy solutions, and its new robotic mower, Mr.Silence will be at an offline show at Hall 6, A058, Spoga+Gafa 2023 from June 18th-20th.

Contact experts at Aquark for information about Mr.Silence with TURBOSILENCE tech and more robotic mowers.

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