Aquark Mr. Silence Robotic Mower Delivers Hassle-free Lawn Care With Unique TurboSilence Technology

December 5, 2023

Robotic lawnmowers are gaining popularity. The residential sector has become an innovative application area as people are more aware of gardening activities and more willing to spend more on equipment that keeps their backyards in good shape. According to industry research company the Freedonia Group, in the United States, Americans spent 62 percent of the USD 8.5 billion spent on power lawn and garden equipment to purchase equipment intended for cutting the family grass. Of that amount, USD 3.15 billion (37%) went into new lawnmowers.

In Europe, robotic lawnmowers are widely used for gardening and lawn maintenance in both the residential and commercial sectors, and countries such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are increasingly adopting robotic lawnmowers. Large portions of Europeans own a house with gardens, and robotic lawnmowers can provide aesthetically pleasing lawns. Additionally, robotic lawnmower, powered by battery and without any emission, is environmental friendly and enhances the global ecological practices on reducing carbon footprints.

Consequently, global consumers are shifting from traditional gasoline-powered manual lawnmowers to silent, intelligent, ecologic battery-powered robotic lawnmowers. Aquark, a robotic lawnmower manufacturer and professional wholesale supplier company, dedicated to advancing the robotic lawnmower industry with its partners through groundbreaking technologies, is committed to focusing on customer concerns and providing superior mowing robots to global users. Mr. Silence, its latest robotic lawnmower, is born to redefine how people care for their yard space and their needs for a reliable robot mower.

Aquark Mr. Silence Robotic Mower Delivers Hassle-free Lawn Care With Unique TurboSilence Technology5

TurboSilence Technology

Mr. Silence is the first robotic lawnmower applying TurboSilence technology in the industry, combining GNSS-HAVI navigation system. Mr. Silence automatically adjusts the mowing power and speed, providing impressive 5-hour endurance, 3-time efficiency, and 5-time silence. Providing both systematic path and random path, Mr. Silence is ready to handle any lawn situation, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your life.

5 Hours Endurance

Thanks to the TurboSilence technology, Mr. Silence features a specialized electric-vehicle-grade battery and fast-charging technology for an industry-leading 5-hour endurance and a much longer lifespan.

Mowing 500㎡ with One Charge

Mr. Silence utilizes the creative AI-Pilot S-Path and inverter control system to automatically plan the most efficient mowing route, mowing from 3 different angles to achieve 99% coverage in the shortest time. In addition to a powerful motor and robust battery, Mr. Silence robot mower can effectively cover up to 500 square meters of lawn with a single charge.

Super Peaceful Garden Experience With Up To 5x Silent

Mr. Silence can be used at any time of the day without disturbing anyone. By combining the TurboSilence technology with a noise-reducing structure, Mr. Silence is 5 times quieter than the average robotic lawnmower and up to 40 times quieter than traditional mowers. With a minimum sound level of 54dB(A) at one meter, it draws no attention to itself, even mowing the lawn at night.

Connected Devices Enable Streamlined Lawn Care

Designed to bring a new level of technology to your mowing experience, Mr. Silence robotic lawn mower boasts an optimal combination of dependability and performance. Intelligent lawn care features powered by TurboSilence technology, Mr. Silence robotic lawn mower delivers all the power and functionality in a convenient, family-friendly way, with the added convenience of no electrical wires.

Through a Wi-Fi connection, you can conveniently monitor and control the Mr. Silence robotic lawn mower via your smartphone or tablet, saving time and effort by letting Mr. Silence take care of your lawn automatically with scheduled mows. It will keep your lawn freshly cut, so you can spend less time mowing and more time doing what you love.

Contact experts at Aquark if you need more information about Mr. Silence robotic lawn mower with TurboSilence technology.

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