How to Achieve a Perfect Lawn with Robotic Lawn Mowers

June 26, 2023

Maintaining a healthy lawn can be a tedious task, requiring various steps like watering, fertilizing, and mowing. Among these, mowing is a crucial aspect that contributes significantly to a green and healthy lawn. With the increasing popularity of robotic mowers, let’s explore how you can mow and maintain your lawn effectively with these automated devices.


1.How to Choose the Right Grass Height


Follow the one-third rule to ensure proper growth: never remove more than one-third of the grass blade in a single mowing session. Cutting beyond this point can stifle root growth and harm the lawn. In cases where the grass has grown too tall, mowing more frequently will gradually bring it back to the desired height, but never remove more than one-third of the blade at a time.


 2.Recommended Grass Heights


For different grass type, there are different recommended height. For example, cool-season grasses generally maintain their height longer than warm-season grasses. You can refer to the table below to determine the height of your lawn.

By combining the one-third rule with the recommended heights, you can determine the appropriate mowing schedule and maintain the ideal grass height.


Grass species Recommended mow height (inches)
Annual ryegrass 1.5 – 2
Bermudagrass (seeded) 1 – 1.5
Buffalograss 1 – 2
Centipede grass 2
Colonial bentgrass 0.5 – 1
Creeping bentgrass 0.5 inch or less
Dichondra 0.5 – 0.75
Hard fescue 1.5 – 2.5
Hybrid Bermuda 0.5 – 1
Kentucky bluegrass 2-3
Kikuyugrass 1 – 1.5
Perennial ryegrass 1.5 – 2.5
Red fescue 1.5 – 2.5
St. Augustinegrass 2.5-3
Tall fescue 1.5 – 3
Zoysiagrass 0.5 – 1


3.When to Mow the Grass During the Day


 Mowing your lawn is best done between 8 and 10 a.m. or 4 and 6 p.m. The morning dew has evaporated, and the grass isn’t floppy from the midday sun during these hours. Mowing at night is not recommended because it does not give the grass enough time to recover and can hinder growth. Wait a day or two after rainfall to ensure the grass isn’t too wet, as wet grass is more difficult to mow and can result in uneven cuts.



4.What Is the Mowing Season During the Year


Mowing season generally lasts from spring to summer, with warmer climates necessitating additional mowing in the fall. Most lawns should not be mowed during the winter, when the grass is dormant, as this can be harmful to its health.

However, different grass species have different growing seasons. If warm season grasses grow rapidly in the summer, they will need to be mowed more frequently in the summer like about twice a week. Cool season grasses may have their peak growth in the spring and fall, which is when you will be mowing the most.


5.Why Should You Change Directions When Mowing


Change the mowing pattern each time you mow. Grass develops a grain based on the direction you mow, tending to lean in the direction you mow. Mowing in different patterns encourages upright growth and prevents ruts from forming in the lawn.

Besides, in this way, you won’t need to catch any grass blades that may have bent out of the way the last time.


6.Keep Your Mower Blade Sharp


 Always keep your mower blade sharp, because cutting the lawn with dull blades shreds grass blades and can introduce diseases, making it more difficult for your lawn to recover from a trim. As a result, keeping your mower blade sharp is critical.

By following these principles, you will most likely have a green, healthy and playable backyard space. The lawn mower robot is the innovation that can help you comply with these rules perfectly.

Robotic lawn mowers offer several benefits that contribute to the overall health and appearance of your lawn. Let’s explore how these automated devices can assist you in maintaining a lush and vibrant lawn.


  • Frequent Mowing for Enhanced Growth

Robotic mowers eliminate the need for manual labor, allowing for more frequent mowing sessions. With the ability to mow autonomously, these devices can cut the grass more frequently and maintain shorter grass length. As a result, they leave behind tiny grass clippings that act as a natural fertilizer, promoting healthy growth and providing essential nutrients to the lawn.


  • Height Adjustment for Optimal Cutting

 Many robotic lawn mowers come equipped with height-adjustable blade discs. This feature allows you to easily set the desired mowing height with precision. By adhering to the one-third rule mentioned earlier, you can ensure that your robotic mower cuts the grass at the ideal length for optimal growth and a well-manicured appearance.


  • Flexibility in Mowing Time

 Robotic mowers provide the flexibility to mow your lawn at any time that suits your schedule. Whether you prefer to mow during the day or early evening, these devices can operate quietly, minimizing disruption to your surroundings. Additionally, most models allow you to preset the mowing schedule using a companion app, enabling the mower to work within your preferred time frame automatically.


  • Intelligent Path Planning

One notable feature of many robotic mowers is their intelligent path planning capability. These mowers follow a systematic mowing pattern, such as a regular S-shaped route, to ensure comprehensive coverage of the lawn. By mowing from different angles and directions, they effectively prevent missed spots and hinder the growth of weeds. This intelligent mowing pattern helps maintain an evenly cut and well-maintained lawn.



For instance, Aquark’s newly released Mr. Silence mower exemplifies these benefits. With its AI-Pilot S-Path planning, the mower cuts the grass from three different directions, ensuring 99% coverage of the lawn. By mowing from multiple angles, the Mr. Silence mower prevents the grass from leaning in one direction and avoids creating unsightly stripes. Besides, this super mower features an advanced inverter control system which automatically adjusts the mowing power for industry-leading 5-hour endurance.

In conclusion, robotic lawn mowers provide numerous benefits for achieving a healthier and more appealing lawn. Their ability to mow on a regular basis, adjust cutting height, operate flexibly, and use intelligent path planning ensures that your lawn receives the care it requires for optimal growth and appearance. Consider purchasing a robotic mower to simplify your lawn maintenance routine and reap the benefits of a lush, well-kept lawn.


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