Aquark Robotic Lawnmowers with 5-Hour Endurance Attract Great Attention at the Spoga+gafa 2023

July 7, 2023

Aquark showcased their revolutionary robotic lawn mower, Mr. Silence, for the first time at spoga+gafa 2023, the world’s largest garden and lifestyle expo in Cologne, Germany. The event gathered over 1,800 exhibitors from 58 countries, attracting around 30,000 trade visitors and decision-makers. Mr. Silence stood out as a highlight, captivating attendees with its cutting-edge technology and innovation.

As the latest creation of Aquark, Mr. Silence is born to redefine the way people care for their yard spaces. With the original TurboSilence tech, Mr. Silence boasts 5-hour endurance, which offers industry-leading battery endurance and allows much faster mowing for families. Besides, thanks to the AI-Pilot S Path planning, Mr. Silence is enabled to autonomously plan the most efficient mowing route to effectively cover up to 500㎡ lawn with a single charge.

At the soga+gafa, Aquark demonstrated its S path planning ability and 5-hour battery life on the grass. Attendees got a first-hand look at the range, including product demonstrations.

Many customers were highly impressed with the product, some even inspecting the internal Casic motor and high-end batteries on the spot, affirming that this was the lawn mower they had been seeking. The product’s exceptional quality and limitless potential were evident through its top-notch hardware.

“This is one of the products I am most looking forward to in this exhibition.”
“It’s a true innovation. There’s no comparison to the regular lawn mowers out there.
“Aquark is a professional team. Their considerate product system building for the lawn mower and the Beyond Limit culture are incredibly appealing to me.”

The global robotic lawn mower market is still in its early stages of development, with only around 7% of total global lawn mower sales being attributable to robots. However, the trend of automation and intelligence point to that this figure will grow rapidly in the coming years.

Many consulting & research firms estimate that the global robotic lawn mower market to exceed a valuation of $4.06 Billion by 2028. This represents a huge potential, but behind this potential, Aquark firmly believes that products centered on customer experience and driven by solving customer problems hold the keys to success.

“We are proud that Mr. Silence was able to receive positive comments from customers in its debut. It was an incredible experience connecting with so many enthusiasts who truly love our design and technology. We will commit to caring what customers care about and delivering excellent robot lawn mowers for global users.” Said Charles, Sales Manager of Aquark.

For those interested in Mr. Silence, feel free to contact to get more detailed information.


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