Aquark at Spoga+Gafa 2023 Launch 5-Hour Endurance New Robotic Lawn Mower

June 26, 2023

Aquark, a pioneering company in iOutdoor Living renowned for its breakthrough technological innovations, is dedicated to revolutionizing outdoor solutions, ranging from iPool to iRobot. Now, Aquark is set to unveil its latest innovation, Mr. Silence, a game-changing robotic lawn mower with 5-hour endurance, at the highly anticipated Spoga+Gafa event.

Building upon its success in revolutionizing the pool industry with the widespread adoption of Pad Inverter heat pumps across over 120 countries, Aquark is now venturing into the outdoor living segment. Boasting industry-leading battery life, exceptional mowing efficiency, and more exciting features, Mr. Silence is redefining the way people care for their yard spaces.

TurboSilence Tech Makes 5-Hour Endurance Possible

Aquark pioneers the integration of inverter technology into the robotic mower industry and created TurboSilence technology. This cutting-edge innovation features an advanced inverter control system and intelligent AI-Pilot S-Path, which automatically adjusts the mowing power for optimal battery endurance. Thanks to the impressive 5-hour endurance, Mr. Silence achieves much faster mowing and leaves more leisure time for families.



AI-Pilot S Path Achieves 500㎡ Mowing at One Charge

In addition to its remarkable endurance, Mr. Silence features AI-Pilot S Path planning to deliver a high-efficient lawn mowing capability for homeowners. This feature enables the mower to autonomously plan the most efficient mowing route, reducing overlap and minimizing wasted time and power. Thanks to this, Mr. Silence can effectively cover up to 500㎡ of lawn with a single charge, providing higher efficiency.


HyperCar Design Adds Uniqueness to the Garden

Drawing inspiration from HyperCar designs, Mr. Silence boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic, resembling a supercar elegantly parked on your lawn. Besides, Its robust frame and minimalist body ensure both reliability and flexibility, allowing it to effortlessly cross various terrains and handle uneven surfaces with ease, including slopes of up to 45%.



5X Silent Ensures the Best User Experience

With a commitment to delivering the best user experience, Mr. Silence combines TurboSilence technology and a noise-canceling structure, contributing to operation at a sound level as low as 54dB(A) at one meter. This is 5 times quieter than the average robotic mower, providing a peaceful environment while the mower maintains the lawn.

Another exciting feature like a built-in ultrasonic sensor can effectively detect and avoid objects like animals or furniture. Also, equipped with edge mowing, rain sensor, and quick washing, it minimizes the homeowner’s maintenance work and makes lawn care hassle-free.

Charles, the sales manager of Mr. Silence, expresses enthusiasm, stating, “This industry is poised for innovation, and with the rapid advancements in robotic technology, Aquark is ready to drive the next generation of robot mowers. Mr. Silence is designed to make lawn care the most efficient and hassle-free experience with robotic mowers.”

The official launch of Mr. Silence will take place at the Spoga+Gafa event, held at Hall 6, A058. For those interested in getting a closer look and obtaining more information, feel free to contact to schedule an exclusive meeting time.

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