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We have 4 different models to handle 0~1200㎡, which is optimal for lawn owners in European countries. And it is also more than sufficient for a lawn up to 1200㎡ with the auto-recharge function.

Yes, the robotic mower has proved to be the best alternative to conventional lawnmowers. With the innovation of RTK technology and vision method, the robotic mower can replace labour work in the mowing routine. The mobility and convenience of the mowing robots have been improved compared to the mowers. The regulations for advancing a greener future encourage the popularity of battery-powered mowing robots and put gas mowers into prohibition.

Yes. It costs you around $1540 yearly to book regular mowing services for 2~3 times per month in mowing seasons (7 months usually). But in terms of having private robotic mowers, it only cost you no more than $50 yearly and the lawn can be lawn weekly to be lusher and healthier.


AI-Pilot S-Path is the most efficient route for robotic mowers. Mr.Silence with AI-Pilot will smartly divide a large lawn into squares and drives itself to move straightly forward and turn 180° around every time it reaches the virtual edge of each square. The precise S-path ensures no wasting time and lets the robot know where it has just finished.

Yes. The height can be adjusted between 30-60 mm

The mowing frequency depends on where your lawn is located and when you start a mower in a year. Generally, robotic mowers are designed to run every day or every two days when the grass grows fast, especially in spring and summer.

Mr.Silence can be used in the evening because of its unique silent motor and noise-cancellation structure, the noise can be down to 54db. You can specify it in the timer by App. When the boundary of the yard is rather distant from the neighbour’s, you can even let it drive at night, but only if no one feels disturbed.

Also, the operation of lawnmowers should obey relative regulations for nighttime noise emissions, which vary from locality to locality.

Yes, Mr.Silence can cope with gradients of up to 45%.

Yes, Mr.Silence tackles uneven surfaces with ease. Lawns are always full of dips and bumps and some owners tend to keep the surface smooth before mowing.

But it also depends on how steep the slopes are or how deep the holes lie there. Ordinary hills below the gradients of 45% are accessible for Mr.Silence. Mind that uneven lawns will take more time to get work done.

Lawn-mowing in rainy weather is not recommended since wet grass is slippery and may cause the blades to choke on clippings. You’d better wait until the grass is dry.

Mr.Silence is just designed to use in this way. When it starts raining, the sensor on the robot will detect it and drive itself to the station and stay on standby until the rain stops.

The waterproof level is IPX5.

Mr. Silence can easily avoid these problems with its boundary wire installed during setup. The wire can be set along the side of these obstacles so that Mr.Silence will detect and plan a route around them.

Mr.Silence can avoid obstacles that cannot be planned at the installation stage with the built-in ultrasonic sensor, such as outdoor furniture, large toys, landscape stones, etc.

When the sensor is activated, the robot will change its direction before continuing mowing so that the blades will not strike any hard surface. Smaller objects like sticks and rocks may be run over.

However, obstacle avoidance will cause slower mowing than the robots could do. For optimal performance and reduced costs, we always recommend that you remove any obstacles during the mowing schedule.

It will be an option if the distinct areas are not connected.

If there is a flat path of over 1m in width connected between the main yard and the subsidiary one, which can be passed through by a robot, you can use only one robot to mow the two lawns.

Although Mr.Silence has additional functions like spiral cutting and edge cutting to ensure cleaner cut patterns, If there are any areas that your robotic mower simply can’t reach, such as under bushes, hedges or against walls, you may still need a traditional mowing method.

Mr.Silence creates a safe yard for pets and children to play on. The blades are hidden under the device and are hard to access. Sensors and guide wires also help.

The ultrasonic sensor enables robots to avoid obstacles, including pets and passers-by.

The bump, lift & tilt sensors let it shut off automatically once it happens to be tipped over due to external force so that your pet can be safe from rotating blades.

The perimeter wire acts like an invisible fence to keep robots from breaking into living areas or a neighbour’s yard.


It varies from model. The energy bill may be between 2.5kWh to 34kWh per year depending on the growth of grass (1~2 mowing times a week on average). Robotic mowers are low-wattage devices and the most energy-saving of all kinds of mowers.

If your robot mows the lawn 1~2 times weekly, the maintenance cost of it and its main components could be around €45 ($50) every year (overestimated).

The cost consists of the electricity bills and replacements of the battery pack, blades, and perimeter wire.

Twice in a mowing season, which means the blades should be replaced every 6 weeks in the period you mow the lawn weekly.

The battery pack could last up to 6 years if used properly. You can assume a 3~6 years usage for it.

Additional perimeter wires and connectors can be purchased online at most of professional gardening stores.


Our models are currently supplied with a 3-year warranty for full coverage

It is expected to last about 6 years and longer with proper maintenance and care. It also depends on various factors, including the battery working conditions, the frequency of maintenance and the quality of components being replaced.


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Yes, it will be available from the whole of Europe

It is available from European designated service providers.

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